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Not in Isolation

The Stop Solitary for Kids campaign, and our youth producers, are excited to announce the debut of our new podcast that elevates the voices of people directly impacted by incarceration and solitary confinement as youth.


Not in Isolation: Voices of Youth examines how our history and our legal systems combine to harm youth - with shocking disparities that harm youth of color and LGBTQI youth in vast numbers. We look at how the punishment paradigm in these systems tears at the fabric of our families and communities through the lens of directly impacted youth.

Join host Ronnie Villeda for in-depth dialogue featuring lives forever changed by incarceration and solitary confinement, and ways we can all work to propel change. Watch this space for subscription details.


Follow “Not in Isolation” on Apple Podcast, or wherever you get your podcasts.


Not in Isolation is a production of the Stop Solitary for Kids campaign.

SSK is a partnership of four national organizations to end the practice of youth solitary confinement, also known as “isolation,” “room confinement,” and “segregation.” SSK focuses on helping juvenile justice stakeholders to identify and implement safe and workable alternatives to solitary. SSK also supports advocates and community members working to implement those alternatives. The partner organizations are the Center for Children's Law and Policy, the Center for Juvenile Justice Reform at Georgetown University, the Council of Juvenile Justice Administrators, and the Justice Policy Institute. Each partner organization brings specific expertise to the work to end solitary.


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